“There are times when man and machine become one, and it is from the

harmony between the two that high performance is achieved.”

Ayrton Senna


Engine Configuration: Turbocharged V6

Engine Power: 550 – 700 hp

Weight: 721 – 735 kg / 1620 lbs

Drivetrain: RWD




Fixed Challenge e-Champ Details

Open Setup

  • A car of our choice will be selected for the tournament, but with an open setup.  Note: our car of choice might not be included on iRacing’s basic package.
  • Before each race, Juncos Racing eSports engineers will give each driver a starting setup sheet.
  • You may change areas of the car setup to increase performance or to suit your style.

5 Races + Gran Final

  • Race day will be held on every Thursday (20:00 hours in Argentina – 7:00 PM EST in USA – 4:00 PM WST in USA – 1:00 hour in Europe).
  • The 5 qualifying races will be held at 5 different tracks.
  • Drivers will have the chance to qualify for the Gran Final.
  • These tracks may not be on the standard package of iRacing

1 Gran Final

  • After the completion of the fifth qualify races the winners of each group (first, second or third places finisher) will advance to the Gran Finale .
  • Depending on quantity of groups, we can have top 2 or top 3 on each group joining the Gran Final Race with 25 cars maximum.
  • For awards, see below!

6 Different Tracks

  • All racetracks will be chosen by Juncos Racing eSport team and may not be on the standard iRacing Package.
  • We will have multiples groups, with a maximum of 25 cars per group.

Other Features

  • Equal Levels: The level of each group will be defined by each driver’s iRating starting with “Group A” with drivers with the highest iRating score until completion of the first 25 cars. We will continue with “Group B” and so on. By doing this, we are ensuring each driver an equality level of competition, and all of them, regardless of what group are racing in, will have the chance to qualify to the Gran Final Race.
  • 2 Hours of Monitored Testing: Every Tuesday night (time TBD), all drivers will have 2 hours to practice and chat with our coaches through Team Speak to gain personalized tips.
  • 2 Hours of Practice: Every Wednesday night (time TBD), all drivers will have 2 hours to practice and incorporate insights from Monitored Testing sessions.
  • Videos from Coaches: sharing onboard video from one of our pros to highlight important skills and concepts before each race, along with videos explaining how to set up the car.
  • Live Broadcasting: All races during the Fixed Challenge e-Champ, will be broadcast live from Juncos Racing eSports YouTube and Twitch channels. Before each race, competing drivers will be promoted on our social media platforms.