“It is not always possible to be the best, but it is always possible to improve your own performance.”
Sir Jackie Stewart

Become a VIP Member and enjoy everything Juncos Racing eSports has to offer. We have created the VIP Access as an opportunity to experience full integration with Juncos Racing eSports, along with the opportunity to in share activities the Team is participating in the world of real on track racing and eSports.

VIP Access Member Benefits

One-to-One experience:

Enjoy access to our professional race team coaches for a more personalized experience. You will receive emails and have access to a chat room fully dedicated to more in-depth interaction with the team


Since we first began as a karting team in 2003, we have always provided our best technical service to our drivers, and we have always supported our drivers in their trajectory and growth through their on-track development and mental preparation.

Team setups:

Access to all our Juncos Racing eSport setups sheets for all our cars in iRacing

Access to Juncos Racing eSport Server:

  • Have access to see driver’s MoTec data from many different race tracks, cars and drivers.
  • See all our team onboard videos from every official Juncos Racing eSport drivers.
  • In the Server, you will find videos with coaching lessons from our professional driver coaches, engineers, and team members that will provide a variety of explanations and racing tips

As a VIP Access member we will be here to accompany and instruct you through our driver coaching and technical side of racing through our engineers. You will experience a very high level of instruction, allowing you discover your best level in every aspect. All information will be useful for both on track real racing and Simracing.

Live Classes:

  • Live streaming theoretical classes of driving skills by our drivers’ coaches twice a month.
    • Live streaming theoretical classes of car physics by our team engineers twice a month.

    Discounted access of 30% to our Fixed and Open e-Champs:

    • You will receive a 30% discount for any of the Juncos Racing e-Champs, and will have the chance to race against some the of the top level drivers, while learning through our driver coaches and engineers.